Type: Government (State)

Glenn Grothman: ‘Kwanza’ Is White Left-Wing Propaganda

Republican state Senator Glenn Grothman suggests that Kwanzaa was created by white progressives and racist black people who didn’t respect Jesus.

Jon Hubbard: Slavery A ‘Blessing In Disquise’

Arkansas State Representative Jon Hubbard wrote that black slavery was a ‘blessing in disguise’ as it eventually lead to citizenship.

Todd Akin: Women Don’t Get Pregnant From ‘Legitimate Rapes’

Missouri congressman and Senate candidate Todd Akin suggests that women aren’t likely to get pregnant from a ‘legitimate rape.’ Chaos ensues.

Kevin Grantham: We Should Consider Banning New Mosques

State senator Kevin Grantham made the startlingly anti-American suggestion that it might be good to ban the building of new mosques.

Marco Rubio: Iran May Require Military Solution

GOP VP Hopeful Marco Rubio suggests that we may need to strike Iran to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons. Meanwhile Israel states clearly that Iran’s leadership is “very rational” and not pursuing nuclear weapons.

Allen West: 80 House Democrats are Communists

Freshman Congressman Allen West suggests that 80 members Congress are secretly Communists.

Jeanine Notter: Birth Control Linked To Prostate Cancer

New Hampshire Rep. Jeanine Notter conveniently mis-characterizes a study on birth control. Science? Literacy? Honesty? Meh.

Pete Hoekstra: I Approve This (Racist) Message

Former Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra is running campaign ads blaming China for our problems and using an Asian-American actress speaking very falsely broken English. What decade is this?

Cecil Ash: I Support Latino Day If We Get Caucasian Day

If they become a minority, Arizona State Rep. Cecil Ash wants to celebrate the “accomplishments and the contributions of the Caucasian population.” Somehow this guy thinks White Person Day sounds kosher.

Shadrack McGill: Bible Mandates Low Teacher Pay

Alabama State Senetor Shadrack McGill thinks keeping teacher pay low is a biblical principle and that high pay would attract people only in it for the money.