Topic: Health

Pat Robertson: Gay People Will Give You AIDS With Spy Ring

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Pat Robertson reveals the extent of his dementia asserting that gay people infect others with AIDS using infected rings.

Todd Akin: Women Don’t Get Pregnant From ‘Legitimate Rapes’

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Missouri congressman and Senate candidate Todd Akin suggests that women aren’t likely to get pregnant from a ‘legitimate rape.’ Chaos ensues.

Michael Savage Blames Supreme Court Ruling On Epilepsy Medication

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Conservative radio host Michael Savage suggests that Supreme Court justice John Roberts may have ruled in favor of Obama’s health care plan because he takes anti-seizure medication.

Michael Steele: Planned Parenthood Limits Black Population With Abortion

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Former RNC chair Michael Steel suggests that Planned Parenthood has used abortion to intentionally limit the black population.

Rush Limbaugh: Constraception Advocate A ‘Slut’

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Rush Limbaugh implies that anyone advocating contraception must be promiscuous. That and he’s a misogynist.

Rick Santorum: “Obamacare” Promotes Abortion To Save Money

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Rick Santorum suggests that “Obamacare” mandates prenatal testing to encourage abortions in order to save money. Fear is a potent motivator.

Jeanine Notter: Birth Control Linked To Prostate Cancer

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New Hampshire Rep. Jeanine Notter conveniently mis-characterizes a study on birth control. Science? Literacy? Honesty? Meh.

Rick Santorum: Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

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Republican candidate Rick Santorum references totally discredited research indicating a link between abortion and breast cancer. In politics, reality is ad hoc.

Stacey Campfield: Virtually Impossible To Get AIDS Through Heterosexual Sex

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U.S. Senator advocates blatant public health falsehood that will endanger people’s lives and thinks AIDS started with a pilot having sex with a ‘monkey.’ High School biology be damned!