Topic: Health

Pat Robertson: Gay People Will Give You AIDS With Spy Ring

Pat Robertson reveals the extent of his dementia asserting that gay people infect others with AIDS using infected rings.

Todd Akin: Women Don’t Get Pregnant From ‘Legitimate Rapes’

Missouri congressman and Senate candidate Todd Akin suggests that women aren’t likely to get pregnant from a ‘legitimate rape.’ Chaos ensues.

Michael Savage Blames Supreme Court Ruling On Epilepsy Medication

Conservative radio host Michael Savage suggests that Supreme Court justice John Roberts may have ruled in favor of Obama’s health care plan because he takes anti-seizure medication.

Michael Steele: Planned Parenthood Limits Black Population With Abortion

Former RNC chair Michael Steel suggests that Planned Parenthood has used abortion to intentionally limit the black population.

Rush Limbaugh: Constraception Advocate A ‘Slut’

Rush Limbaugh implies that anyone advocating contraception must be promiscuous. That and he’s a misogynist.

Rick Santorum: “Obamacare” Promotes Abortion To Save Money

Rick Santorum suggests that “Obamacare” mandates prenatal testing to encourage abortions in order to save money. Fear is a potent motivator.

Jeanine Notter: Birth Control Linked To Prostate Cancer

New Hampshire Rep. Jeanine Notter conveniently mis-characterizes a study on birth control. Science? Literacy? Honesty? Meh.

Rick Santorum: Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

Republican candidate Rick Santorum references totally discredited research indicating a link between abortion and breast cancer. In politics, reality is ad hoc.

Stacey Campfield: Virtually Impossible To Get AIDS Through Heterosexual Sex

U.S. Senator advocates blatant public health falsehood that will endanger people’s lives and thinks AIDS started with a pilot having sex with a ‘monkey.’ High School biology be damned!