What’s Fools And Fanatics About?

Hi, I’m Julian and we share a problem.

There are too many influential people – politicians, journalists, celebrities, and other public figures – who misinform us because they are trying to sell us something or because they are ignorant.

Fools and fanatics. Sell-outs and con artists. The naive and the corrupt.

Thankfully, that’s not most of us. But we all see how just a few of the most visible people can lead way too many others down a dark or dangerous path.

Things that are wildly untrue can confuse, upset, and even kill us. Thankfully they can also make us laugh. A healthy way to cope with our disappointment.

And so, to chronicle this mountain of absurdity, and commiserate with other disappointed people, I built a fail blog for current events that points a finger at blatant fallacies.

What’s In It For Me?

Sharing these tragically funny stories gives us the chance to share an educational laugh with friends. It’s infotainment.

On this site you can rate posts from least to most absurd. And you can also comment on posts offering the chance to vent a bit, add to the humor, or offer insight.

Why Should I ‘Join?’

You need to register at Fools And Fanatics if you would like to rate posts or make comments. Your first comment will need to be approved and further comments will be subject to moderation. Can’t let the spam and trolls storm the gates!

This website stores no personal information other than the email address you use to register. That address will not be shared or sold. Also, members have no public profile here and I’m not using avatars.

How Are Stories Chosen?

Posts are chosen from current news about the absurd comments or writing of people with enough notoriety to influence many people. A sincere effort is made not to use quotes taken out of context or incorrectly characterize people’s intended point of view.

Who’s That Guy?

That’s Marshall Applewhite, leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

Applewhite supposedly believed that aliens were coming to earth in a craft following the Hale-Bopp comet and convinced 40 followers to join him in  ‘shedding their physical bodies.’ It was a national tragedy.

So I chose Applewhite as an icon representing the potentially high cost of a fool and fanatic having a strong and tragic influence over others.

Why Does The Site Look Like This?

The colors of this site match the appearance of the Heaven’s Gate members when they were found dead. And the star field represents what they were focused on instead of living in the real world.