Type: Pundits

Ann Coulter: Boston suspect’s widow ‘ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab’

Ann Coulter topped herself for insulting behavior this week suggesting that a hijab, or Muslim head covering, should be cause for imprisonment.

Ben Carson: Gay Marriage Similar To Pedophilia and Bestiality

Conservative pundit Ben Carson compares gay marriage to pedophilia and bestiality. Ben Carson thinks he has no gay friends.

Ann Coulter: Liberal Women Should Not Be Able To Hold Office

Ann Coulter suggests that liberal women should be able to hold public office because when challenged they “start crying.”

Karl Rove: Obama ‘Supressed The Vote’

Karl Rove suggests that Obama ‘suppressed the vote’ by making Romney look like someone you wouldn’t want to vote for. … Really.

Steven Crowder: Liberals Protest By Maiming And Raping

Fox News contributor Steven Chowder claims that liberals protest by committing felonies, specifically assaulting, maiming, and raping. Ahh, the joys of an election year.

Andrew Breitbart To OWS: ‘Stop Raping People’

Andrew Breitbart, popular conservative blogger, implies that ALL OWS protestors are ‘freaks and animals’ and that they should ‘stop raping people.’ Scared of something lately?