Topic: Racism

Jim Brown: Slavery Was Good For Business

Arizona GOP congressional candidate things slavery was good business and compares slaves to livestock.

Ann Coulter: Boston suspect’s widow ‘ought to be in prison for wearing a hijab’

Ann Coulter topped herself for insulting behavior this week suggesting that a hijab, or Muslim head covering, should be cause for imprisonment.

Glenn Grothman: ‘Kwanza’ Is White Left-Wing Propaganda

Republican state Senator Glenn Grothman suggests that Kwanzaa was created by white progressives and racist black people who didn’t respect Jesus.

Spike Lee: Django Unchained ‘Disrespectful’ Without Viewing

Spike Lee suggests that the Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained is ‘disrespectful’ to his ancestors but hasn’t seen the movie.

Jon Hubbard: Slavery A ‘Blessing In Disquise’

Arkansas State Representative Jon Hubbard wrote that black slavery was a ‘blessing in disguise’ as it eventually lead to citizenship.

Geraldo Rivera: Hoodie Killed Trayvon Martin

Geraldo Rivera claims that being scared of black kids is an automatic reflex and that hoodies encourage violence. Choice words here.

Chuck Woolery: We Don’t Need Civil Rights

Host of the Love Connection, Chuck Woolery thinks ‘we don’t need civil rights.’ Specifically black people. Isn’t he’s missing something?…

Pete Hoekstra: I Approve This (Racist) Message

Former Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra is running campaign ads blaming China for our problems and using an Asian-American actress speaking very falsely broken English. What decade is this?

Cecil Ash: I Support Latino Day If We Get Caucasian Day

If they become a minority, Arizona State Rep. Cecil Ash wants to celebrate the “accomplishments and the contributions of the Caucasian population.” Somehow this guy thinks White Person Day sounds kosher.

Joseph Maturo: Response To Police Abuse Against Latinos – Eat A Taco

The mayor of East Haven Connecticut responded to the arrest of police officers on charges of violating the rights of Latino citizens by suggesting he’d reach out to the community by eating a taco.