Type: Government (National)

Saxby Chambliss: Teenage Hormones Lead To Military Sexual Assault

Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss suggests sexual assault in the armed forces is due to teenage hormones.

Mike Kelly: Free Birth Control As Bad As 9/11

Republican congressman Mike Kelly compares free contraception to Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attacks.

Michael Steele: Planned Parenthood Limits Black Population With Abortion

Former RNC chair Michael Steel suggests that Planned Parenthood has used abortion to intentionally limit the black population.

Allen West: LGBT Workplace Discrimination ‘Don’t Happen’

Florida Congressman Allen West states that people don’t discriminate against gay folks in the workplace, clearly demonstrating that that he doesn’t know any gay people.

Rick Santorum: Global Warming Is A Hoax

Rick Santorum thinks man-made climate change and efforts to remedy the problem are ‘bogus.’ It’s a global scientific conspiracy!

Rick Santorum: Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

Republican candidate Rick Santorum references totally discredited research indicating a link between abortion and breast cancer. In politics, reality is ad hoc.