Type: Candidates

Jim Brown: Slavery Was Good For Business

Arizona GOP congressional candidate things slavery was good business and compares slaves to livestock.

Rick Santorum: ‘Smart People’ Will Never Be On Our Side

Rick Santorum states that ‘smart people’ will never side with the conservative cause because they want their facts and book learnin’ to determine policy.

John McCain: Sarah Palin Was Best Qualified For VP

John McCain suggests that Sarah Palin was the best qualified choice to run as his Vice President. The world disagrees.

Newt Gingrich: ‘I just cite that as some vague…’

Newt Gingrich tries to score points with his base by equating Democrats with gay people. He sounds fairly confused.

Rick Santorum: Secularism ‘Makes Me Throw Up’

Rick Santorum reaffirms his disgust for the separation of church and state by attacking JFK. Later recants.

Rick Santorum: “Obamacare” Promotes Abortion To Save Money

Rick Santorum suggests that “Obamacare” mandates prenatal testing to encourage abortions in order to save money. Fear is a potent motivator.

Newt Gingrich: You Can’t Put A Gun Rack On A Volt

Newt Gingrich celebrates fuel consumption and domestic oil drilling by suggesting that electric cars aren’t macho. Evidently guns are patriotic.

Pete Hoekstra: I Approve This (Racist) Message

Former Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra is running campaign ads blaming China for our problems and using an Asian-American actress speaking very falsely broken English. What decade is this?

Rick Santorum: Global Warming Is A Hoax

Rick Santorum thinks man-made climate change and efforts to remedy the problem are ‘bogus.’ It’s a global scientific conspiracy!

Rick Santorum: Abortion Causes Breast Cancer

Republican candidate Rick Santorum references totally discredited research indicating a link between abortion and breast cancer. In politics, reality is ad hoc.