Topic: Bigotry

Eric Bolling: Every Terrorist In US Has Been A Muslim

Fox News host Eric Bolling defends the NYPD program to spy on Muslims by claiming that “every terrorist on American soil has been a Muslim.” Many are left to wonder if he’s making this stuff up as he goes.

Pat Robertson: ‘Union Of Two Men’ Brings ‘Disease And Suffering’

Pat Robertson suggests that civil union between same sex partners brings ‘disease and suffering.’

Allen West: LGBT Workplace Discrimination ‘Don’t Happen’

Florida Congressman Allen West states that people don’t discriminate against gay folks in the workplace, clearly demonstrating that that he doesn’t know any gay people.

Newt Gingrich: ‘I just cite that as some vague…’

Newt Gingrich tries to score points with his base by equating Democrats with gay people. He sounds fairly confused.

Chuck Woolery: We Don’t Need Civil Rights

Host of the Love Connection, Chuck Woolery thinks ‘we don’t need civil rights.’ Specifically black people. Isn’t he’s missing something?…

Bill O’Reilly: Pro-Life Bigotry Worse Than Gay Bigotry

Bill O’Reilly seems to think that Pro-Lifers experience more discrimination than gay people. Bill O’Reilly would be wrong.

Stacey Campfield: Virtually Impossible To Get AIDS Through Heterosexual Sex

U.S. Senator advocates blatant public health falsehood that will endanger people’s lives and thinks AIDS started with a pilot having sex with a ‘monkey.’ High School biology be damned!